And the exodus begins ...

MacEwan is a safe-haven for abusers, including Robert Hilts, Patrick Sullivan, and the people identified on this pageBeing an abuser is like being a murderer or rapist: it doesn't matter what else you've done in your life, you're remembered for the attrocities you've inflicted on others.

However, MacEwan Administrators are leaving to greener pastures. The one administrator who recently announced he was leaving is a good person. I wish him all the best. He could have been good for MacEwan, but knowledge of the Psychological Abuse by other Administrators, of MacEwan's absolute refusal to address the wrong-doing of their Administrators, and that will irreparably harm MacEwan has forced him to find a place where he can be challenged to his potential. Where he can excel.

I wish I had had the opportunity to be challenged to my potential at MacEwan. But I was targeted because I strove for excellence. I still do, and am rewarded — not punished — for it. But I am nowhere near my potential.