Feedback from a researcher on Academic Mobbing ...

I received an email from a researcher who specializes in Academic Mobbing. He states:

From my point of view, as a researcher of mobbing, what you have done is set forth a case study of an academic mobbing, and you've done it in a calm, reasoned, balanced way, with documentary evidence in support of your account and analysis. I had, of course, read your succinct, 10-page summary earlier. Seeing it now, in the company of the administrators' emails, makes it the more compelling. I think to any outside observer, the case against you would look very thin -- a pumpkin, for heaven's sake!

Once your website is publicly available, it will be found useful, I'm confident, to other professors against whom administrators have mounted a collective campaign, because they'll recognize in their own experience events and developments similar to what happened to you -- including a faculty association and CAUT declining to get involved.