President Atkinson announces he will step down — he should be terminated

President Atkinson announces he will be stepping down 15 months into the future, in summer 2017.

President Atkinson was complicit in the Psychological Abuse (harassment, bullying, mobbing) of a faculty member. He should resign in disgrace or be summarily terminated. So should every other administrator involved. 

The more Atkinson learned about the abuse perpetrated by other Administrators, the deeper he shoved his head into the sand. He failed the victims, all MacEwan faculty, staff, and students, and academia globally. He allowed Administrators to violate Academic Freedom, amongst numerous other policies. Under his direction, all of Administration continues to cover-up the abuses.

Workplace mobbing is a ‘virus’ or a ‘cancer’ .... — Linda Shalcross
Worse still are workplaces where management knowingly utilizes mobbing tactics as a means to eliminate staff .... — Anton Hout
Most [targets] will be idealistic high achievers .... — Kenneth Westhues

Atkinson will step down with a lavish party and great fanfare. He'll enjoy a full year sabbatical (at Presidential pay?), then return as faculty, teach for a year, then retire. Higgins and Sullivan did the same thing. It is amazing how well MacEwan treats abusers and those complicit in the abuse. Atkinson and all the administrators involved are a disgrace to academia.

Click here for an additional explanation of why they should all be summarily terminated.