MacEwan Administration's response: stick head in sand ...

In January 2016, I informed a few MacEwan administrators and faculty of The hope being that that would initiate positive change without prolonged publicity. In an email to the MacEwan Board of Governors and Board representatives (sent 25 February), I again summarized everything and encouraged the board to take action. No luck.

In mid-March, I discovered that, instead of taking action to address the issues identified on, MacEwan Administration blocked my email! So while MacEwan has policies promoting academic freedom, MacEwan Administration still acts in direct contravention of then tenets of Academic Freedom. Why is MacEwan Administration desperately pretending nothing is wrong and hindering its own employees from learning about PrairieU.caThis is something that a repressive regime would do!

Because of the block, I now suspect that ​the email to the MacEwan Board of Governors and Board representatives was not received and thus not able to be acted upon. 

MacEwan Administration is not displaying a modicum of leadership! Their actions are not in anyone's best interests! (Except maybe their own as they desperately seek employment elsewhere.) Their actions are morally and ethically unconscionable! Ironically, the failure of MacEwan Administrators to address the issues in has resulted in greater public, academic, and government exposure of Unfortunately, these actions of MacEwan Administration are consistent with their historical actions — more evidence that nothing has changed within MacEwan Administration.

MacEwan faculty, including myself, put our heart and sole into transforming MacEwan College into MacEwan University. All to be undermined by self-serving Administrators that continue to put their personal interests before the institutions. The faculty, staff, and students are good people; they deserve better. So does society.