About PrairieU

This website presents some key records of some events. I have over one thousand emails and several thousand pages of records to further support this website.

This website is protected under MacEwan's Academic Freedom policy, the Alberta Public Interest Disclosure Act, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

I have anonymized myself from this website to protect myself and my family. Revictimization is a strong possibility. People who are involved know who I am and how to contact me. I have anonymized colleagues in this website so they do not face Administrative retaliation (as some have in the past). I ask that you respect our right to anonymity. 

I apologize for any errors. If someone is misidentified or misquoted, please advise and I will investigate and correct it, if required.


Academic Mobbing research has found that victims are typically honest, idealisticdedicated, and enthusiastic high achievers. My colleagues would agree that I have these qualities. A few of my accomplishments include

  • student evaluations well above average
  • active in exploring and implementing alternative instructional strategies (video capture, flipped instruction, active instruction, etc.)
  • author of two science instructional books; ideas for three additional resources
  • experience developing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary courses and programs
  • experience with laboratory experiment design and development
  • numerous conference presentations; hosted conference sessions
  • numerous pedagogical projects ready to be conducted
  • going above and beyond to help students and colleagues

If an institution is looking for an capable, honest, dedicated, driven person who strives for excellence and positively empowers others to do the same, please contact me.

Consider this website: consider what I could have accomplished instead of putting this website together. Consider what I could have accomplished had I not been the victim of Academic Mobbing. But also consider what I did accomplish and realize that my future productivity will be greater.