Next steps ...

MacEwan Administration purports to have evolved and transformed into "a transparent and collaborative governance structure." Such an organization cannot deny its past and should want to acknowledge and correct its past actions. However, the current MacEwan Administration continues to adamantly deny any wrongdoing. MacEwan's attorney has sent a threatening letter, and I received a similar threatening letter from the MacEwan Faculty Association. Indeed, I received these letters three days apart! Evidently, nothing has changed.

I need to emphasize several points:

  1. I never signed a confidentiality agreement pertaining to my employment at MacEwan.
  2. This website comes after all other avenues of communication were severed by MacEwan.
  3. This website is in accordance with my rights under MacEwan 's Academic Freedom policy, Alberta's Public Interest Disclosure Act, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Despite my rights, all of the information disclosed herein, and the plethora of additional records I have, I suspect MacEwan will continue their academic mobbing of me. The current Administration is not interested in solving the problems — there are willfully blind to any problems — but interested in suppressing this information and in destroying the messenger. If you know a good lawyer interested in this case, have them contact me.

These recommendations are to benefit MacEwan as a whole. To improve instruction, improve programs, improve administration, and improve the groups representing MacEwan employees.

I ask of the Alberta Government:

  • order MacEwan to release my entire, unredacted personnel file to me
  • decree all confidentiality agreements signed by current and former MacEwan employees void, and encourage them to share their stories to heal and start fixing MacEwan
  • order an independent public investigation into the actions of MacEwan Administration against me (and others, as they come forward)
  • order an independent public review of all MacEwan policies submitted to the MacEwan Board of Governors since 2005, with special attention to policies submitted as "changes to the signing authority" (I have the archived policies if MacEwan is unable or unwilling to provide them.)
  • Enact legislation that voids existing and future confidentiality agreements that prevents victims from speaking out about their abuse and naming abusers (bullies, harassers, etc.). Such clauses amount to psychological torture.

I ask of the MacEwan Board of Governors:

  • release my entire, unredacted personnel file to me
  • remove from MacEwan the former and current administrators involved in the actions against me

I ask of MacEwan faculty:

  • remove the entire Faculty Association Executive and the Professional Resource Officer
  • contact others that have been forced from MacEwan. Inform them of this website. It may help them. I'm willing to add their truthful stories to this website. Highlighting the problems within MacEwan Administration and Faculty Association will result in a thorough accounting of and correction of the problems. This will benefit MacEwan students, staff, faculty, the institution, and society.
  • forward to me correspondence circulated pertaining to this issue

I ask of faculty and administration at other institutions:

  • direct your faculty association and administrators to this website
  • inform the global academic community of how MacEwan operates
  • if you are at a Canadian university, petition your Faculty Association to request CAFA and CAUT investigate both MacEwan Administration and the MacEwan Faculty Association
  • search your records. Provide me with any records MacEwan provided you about me.

Release of records

  • I am prepared to provide all the records in my possession to any independent researcher specializing in workplace bullying, academic mobbing, or related research.
  • I am prepared to provide all the records in my possession to any independent legal expert interested in this case. 
  • I am prepared to provide all the records in my possession to any independent commission or law enforcement organization investigating MacEwan.

Book and production rights

  • This story needs to be shared widely. I am willing to negotiate the book and production rights, provide all the records in my possession, and work with the people to tell this story.


Academic Mobbing research has found that victims are typically honest, idealisticdedicated, and enthusiastic high achievers. My colleagues would agree that I have these qualities. A few of my accomplishments include

  • student evaluations well above average
  • active in exploring and implementing alternative instructional strategies (video capture, flipped instruction, active instruction, etc.)
  • author of two science instructional books; ideas for three additional resources
  • experience developing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary courses and programs
  • experience with laboratory experiment design and development
  • numerous conference presentations; hosted conference sessions
  • numerous pedagogical projects ready to be conducted
  • going above and beyond to help students and colleagues

If an institution is looking for an capable, honest, dedicated, driven person who strives for excellence and positively empowers others to do the same, please contact me.

Consider this website: consider what I could have accomplished instead of putting this website together. Consider what I could have accomplished had I not been the victim of Academic Mobbing. But also consider what I did accomplish and realize that my future productivity will be greater.