DND questions internal investigation

The Canadian Department of National Defense is questioning the handling and reopening an internal investigation.

Let's look at the parallels between DND's botched process and MacEwan's botched process.

DND admits that Raymond had been treated badly by senior officers in her regiment.
An external expert in workplace harassment deems the actions of MacEwan Administrators a textbook example of Academic Mobbing. 

DND admits that Raymond's release from the military was based on information found in fraudulent documents.
MacEwan's "reason for dismissal" document contains fictional events. MacEwan Administrators purposely dismissed my complaints and appeals.

Michel Drapeau, a retired colonel and military law expert, is skeptical that the military can appropriately investigate itself. 
MacEwan Administration, purportedly investigating itself, claims they have done nothing wrong. Abusers still work at MacEwan. Still able to abuse others.

DND is willing to question its actions. MacEwan strives to stick its head deeper in the sand. Why? Because it is the senior MacEwan Administrators — including President Atkinson — who are involved and covering for each other. And until senior Administration changes, no-one at MacEwan is safe from their wrath.