Happy First Birthday to PrairieU.ca !!

PrairieU.ca has been up for one year!

During this time, MacEwan Administration has known about PrairieU.ca, has had their lawyers scour PrairieU.ca for some reason to take it down (they evidently found nothing), and has generally buried their head in the sand, hoping all this will go away. It won't. MacEwan Administration is incompetent, and their incompetence is permanently and negatively affecting MacEwan students, staff, faculty, MacEwan itself, and society. And faculty continue to be abused. And current MacEwan Administrators are f*cked (not a bad thing, actually).

MacEwan evidently has zero interest in addressing the wrongdoing. In punishing the abusers. In making reparations to the victims.

I am keenly interested in telling the world about MacEwan. In preventing good people from being hired at MacEwan. In protecting current MacEwan employees from abuse. In making MacEwan an academic pariah.

Future action: <I guess you'll just have to see!>