Hello Canada! campaign

The last time I was contacted by anyone from MacEwan Administration was in 2014. In summer 2016, I informed selected MacEwan Administrators that I intended to inform the Canadian academic community about MacEwan through PrairieU. A reasonable Administration would realize that burying their head in the sand was not working, and would have chosen to address the wrongdoing for the betterment of MacEwan students, staff, faculty, MacEwan, and society. This never happened.

The Hello Canada! campaign has several goals:

"In this job, reputation is everything." -- Janet Paterson-Weir (paradoxically, used by JPW to justify abusing me)

Over 50 000 Canadian faculty, staff, and administrators now know about MacEwan and PrairieU. They know that MacEwan uses Psychological Abuse to manage employees. They know that President David Atkinson and the MacEwan Board of Governors, through their action and inaction, condone and authorize Psychological Abuse, and possibly participate in it. Unfortunately, this knowledge will make MacEwan a PARIAH in the academic community. But hopefully it will effect positive change.

Next: Hello World!, where the goal is for one million academics around the world to learn about MacEwan "University".


From an academic somewhere:

Thank you for your note. I am very sad to read that.

That said, I can tell you that things very similar to what are describing are currently happening in the Department of Philosophy at Saint Paul University (Ottawa, Ontario). In the last five years, 4 excellent academics have been fired and 1 is in the process of suffering the same fate. Never seen that elsewhere! Any ideas of what should and can be done? 

I provided this person with numerous recommendations. Not the least of which: inform senior administration about PrairieU and about the Academic Mobbing occuring in Philosophy, and that Saint Paul University could be the next MacEwan.


Additional feedback

Good for you for standing up!!! I know this shit occurs and I even know some people who perpetrate it. I wrote an article about my daughter's experience of emotional abuse, well almost-abuse since I stepped in an stopped it. It's gotten major attention from parents and teachers! You might like it. <link removed, but the article is excellent.>


Additional feedback

This appeared in my email and I decided to read it.  Your story is very grim and I admire your determination to stand up to an administration that has gone off the rails.  I found it interesting how you were being attacked for creating a textbook.  I personally spend significant time writing open-licensed textbooks for my students and there are naturally those who feel threatened by it.  Fortunately I belong to a small college within my university and so am not directly employed by it.  If I were I can imagine that I might have felt pressures akin to what you experienced.  Your account was definitely an eye-opener.  Thanks for sharing.