Looking for the Snitch ...

In the height of the psychological abuse against me, someone was feeding David Higgins information. My awareness of this elusive Snitch is circumstantial, based on comments made by Robert Hilts to his Circle of Friends in the department (those he inappropriately told what was going on, to befriend them, to divide the department, to turn them against me). Hilts told them that Higgins was already aware of my actions, and that he only needed Hilts to confirm them.

  • Higgins was aloof as Dean; he rarely mingled with common faculty and staff. So the Snitch was either a friend or someone more important.
  • The Snitch would have had to be in or close to the Department, as they relayed my activities in the Department office area. Indeed, they appeared to have knowledge of who came and went from my office.
  • They were never caught, so they succeeded in their mission. Given the Administrative culture at MacEwan, this person would have been rewarded handsomely for their actions.

At the time of my abuse and these reportings, there were several empty offices around mine. Dr. David McLaughlin's office was diagonal across the hallway. As the Chair of Mathematics and Statistics, he had reduced teaching assignments, so was in his office a lot. Maybe David McLaughlin saw something. Maybe he saw someone hanging around? Someone keeping an eye on my office or me? Maybe David can identify the Snitch?

Edit: I was reminded that David McLaughlin was promoted to Associate Vice-President Academic in 2012, shortly after my forced departure from MacEwan. Congrat's David!