MacEwan *abusers* paid very well ...

Being an abuser is like being a murderer or rapist: it doesn't matter what else you've done in your life, you're remembered for the attrocities you've inflicted on others.

Starting in 2015, the Alberta Government mandated that public entities disclose the list of all employees making over 125k annually. The salaries of selected MacEwan Administrators are listed below.

  • David Atkinson – 330 599 $
  • Patrick Sullivan – 181 472 $ (Sullivan had a full year off with full pay after stepping down as Associate Dean). Will he continue to be paid a Dean's salary, despite returning to faculty?
  • Robert Hilts – just below 125 000 $ (at the top of the faculty scale)
  • David Higgins retired from MacEwan in 2015, with full honors, after receiving a year off with full pay and teaching for a year. As Dean, he would have made around 200 000 $.
  • Janet Paterson-Weir retired from MacEwan in 2014, with full honors. As VP Academic, she would have made around 250 000 $.

All together, these people are paid over one million dollars annually. It is clearly lucrative being a MacEwan Administrator. However, being the victim of abuse is not so lucrative.