MacEwan Administrators are F*CKED!

A naive assumption of MacEwan Administration is that they can ignore their past.

To date, I have been contacted twice by Human Resources (HR) personnel from other institutions. It appears that some MacEwan Administrators are actively seeking employment elsewhere. While investigating the candidate, HR has found and learned about how MacEwan Administration operates. They inquired with me to determine the truthfulness of I responded that the website is absolutely truthful, that much of the evidence is publicly available on, that I have additional documents, and that Psychological Abuse is still used to manage faculty and staff at MacEwan. I further state that Psychological Abuse is widespread throughout MacEwan Administration, so Administrators are actively involved in Psychological Abusing employees or passively condoning its use by other Administrators. Including President Atkinson. No MacEwan Administrator can honestly claim ignorance. No MacEwan Administrator should be in a position of authority, at MacEwan or anywhere.

I hope that causes MacEwan Administrators to not get hired anywhere else.
I hope that quality faculty and administrative applicants learn about and not take employment at MacEwan.
MacEwan needs to either address the wrongdoing or it will crumble and degenerate into irrelevancy.

MacEwan Administration thought they could ignore their past and current abuses with impunity. Wrong! It will haunt MacEwan and everyone who works there ... forever. MacEwan and MacEwan Administrators are F*CKED, because of the actions of MacEwan Administration.