MacEwan's legal council, again ...

I'm not surprised the Hello Canada! posting got swarmed by MacEwan administrators. It's not everyday that you find out your inaction has made your institution a national PARIAH and will soon become an international PARIAH. I also saw that MacEwan's external attorney read the post. So I sent the following email to them:

I see that someone from RMRF still checks on

Please read

The responses from the Hello Canada! campaign have been overwhelmingly positive. Hello World! will start soon. MacEwan is now a PARIAH in the academic community, and MacEwan Administration have themselves to thank for it.

"In this job, reputation is everything." -- Janet Paterson-Weir (paradoxically, used by JPW to justify abusing me)

So what will you be recommending to MacEwan: do nothing, initiate a proactive response, litigate?

  • Doing nothing is and will continue to fail.
  • President Atkinson (and others?) will block a proactive response.
  • The evidence is overwhelming against MacEwan; there is no case to litigate.

I would recommend a proactive response, but MacEwan will need my assistance and need to make reparations to have any hope of salvaging any degree of credibility and begin rebuilding their reputation.

All the best,

I've been thinking about the advice given by MacEwan's attorney. Their advice is "Do nothing. Ignore it." That advice might have been reasonable ten or more years ago. However, the internet today allows one person to have a voice that reaches millions. Consider, for example