A message to MacEwan Administrators ...

MacEwan Administrators

PrairieU.ca is configured to log every access. I see you regularly (almost daily) checking the forums for new posts. After a post, the message goes out and many of you swarm to read the new post. Why?

  • Are you looking for something that your lawyers could use?
  • Are you embarassed by the expanding body of evidence?
  • Are you concerned by the growing awareness of, publicity of, and decreased tolerance of workplace harassment?
  • Are you proud to be a MacEwan Administrator?

But you do nothing. And by doing nothing, you perpetuate the abusive environment and you perpetually fail MacEwan students, employees, and society.

Also FYI: visits from MacEwan are a small fraction of the total visits to PrairieU.ca. In August, 23 % of visitors to PrairieU.ca were from Canada, 47 % were from the USA, and 30 % were international. Knowledge of the Psychological Abuses occurring at MacEwan University is spreading, making MacEwan a PARIAH amongst academic institutions nationally and internationally. #MacEwanFAIL

"In this job, reputation is everything." -- Janet Paterson-Weir (paradoxically, used by JPW to justify abusing me)