Pearson Education -- contributors to Psychological Abuse

The following email concludes my correspondence with Pearson Education. Basically, they denied any wrongdoing. Liars. They contributed directly and significantly to the abuse I suffered at the hands of MacEwan Administrators. This doesn't the Administrators off the hook. They failed on this and many other levels.


To: Pearson Legal Department US <>

Legal staff

>Dear Sir or Madam:  Thank you for your email of January 29 regarding Grant 
>MacEwan University. We have looked into the matter and have found no 
>evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Pearson or its employees. 

Gary Bennett (VP), David Jolliffe (VP), and Tracy ___ -- Pearson Education employees -- investigated and sent the attached email summarizing their investigation to David Higgins (MacEwan Dean of Arts and Science) and Robert Hilts (MacEwan Department Chair of Physical Sciences). 

As senior employees in the publishing industry, these employees should have known about the Morrison v. Solomons decision, the Plews vs. Pausch decision, and the general nature of cross-use of instructional material. This is all summarized at , which shows that my use of instructional material is consistent with the use by other academic authors, including Pearson Education authors.

These Pearson Education employees knowingly provided Higgins and Hilts with false and misleading information that led directly to Psychological Abuse that I suffered at the hands of these and other MacEwan employees. 

Robert Hilts is a MacEwan faculty member and author with Pearson Education. Both Hilts and Pearson Education gained financially from the suppression of my developing textbook. Hilts also gained academically by now having the most prestigious pedagogical document in the Faculty of Science. This provides a strong motive for Pearson Education and Hilts to support the Psychological Abuse.

In summary, the reason Pearson has "found no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Pearson or its employees" is because Pearson is willfully blind to it. Typical of all internal investigations.

I understand someone from Pearson Education talked with Hilts shortly after my original email to you. I do not know the nature of the communication, but both Hilts and Higgins provided false and misleading information to a harassment investigator as they attempted to justify their actions.  

Hilts and Higgins are not trustworthy. And I daresay that neither is MacEwan, who are desperately trying to cover up the Psychological Abuse they subjected me to. Psychological Abuse that Pearson Education played a prominent role in supporting.

Question: one of the people extensively involved in Psychologically Abusing me was Brian Pearson (Director of MacEwan Human Resources). Is he perchance related to the founders of Pearson Education?

Thank you,