RCMP apologizes and removes administrators

I previously reported on the failure of RCMP administration to address rampant bullying and harassment at an Ottawa Training Center.

A new report blames RCMP Administration for failing to properly address complaints and the 'eggregious' acts of some instructors. Bob Paulson, RCMP Commissioner, is apologizing to victims and removing the Administrators. Another report calls for the termination of the harassers. 

But what about MacEwan: the abusers include David Atkinson, the University President. I am advised to complain to the Board, but the Board refuses to respond. The Board and Administration appears to be hoping that this will just go away. No chance. This website informs the world of the Psychological Abuse I suffered — abuse that an independent expert has confirmed. MacEwan continues to harbour the abusers and pretends nothing is wrong. MacEwan's downward spiral continues indefinitely. David Atkinson had numerous opportunities to address the wrongdoing. He is MacEwan's biggest failure.