RCMP settle with Galliford

Catherine Galliford was the victim of years of harassment by the RCMP. After going public, hundreds of female (and some male) RCMP employees came forward with stories of abuse, harassment, and sexual harassment.

The RCMP have finally settled with Galliford for an undisclosed sum, but it is noted that Galliford's psychological injuries are such that she may never work again.

I know of four MacEwan faculty who were similarly psychologically abused by MacEwan Administrators.

How many more will come forward when PrairieU.ca becomes public?
What will the public think when they hear how their childrens' instructors were treated trying to make MacEwan a better place?
What will academic institution, regionally, nationally, and internationally think of MacEwan? Will it ever recover?

In this business, reputation is everything. — Janet Paterson-Weir 

And MacEwan Administrators keep their head firmly buried in the sand, hoping everything will just go away. Where are the leaders? Oh, right. MacEwan targets leaders.