Message to the MacEwan BOG: Hope Springs Eternal ...

Board members

I trust you have heard of the most recent allegations of Psychological Abuse (harassment, bullying) leveled against the RCMP. That Abuse was intended to embarrass and make their colleagues and subordinates uncomfortable. MacEwan, on the other hand, knowing uses Psychological Abuse to 'manage' their employees — a significantly worse practice.

On 29 January — almost a month ago — I released shows that I suffered years of Psychological Abuse inflicted by numerous MacEwan Administrators (past and present). I tried to bring these issues up privately on numerous occasions, but was ignored and threatened with legal action if I disclosed them. I disclosed them to the world on 29 January.

I had hoped that the current MacEwan Administration (Administrators and Human Resources) would take immediate steps to address and correct these issues. This did not occur.
 * MacEwan Administration had their lawyer review the website. Since I have not been served, the website is evidently lawful.
 * MacEwan Administration has failed to contact me to check on my well-being and to discuss the disclosed information.
 * The abusers are still employed at MacEwan, as if nothing is wrong. (The RCMP immediately suspended the accused.)
 * A MacEwan Administrator, using a false identity and posing as a member of the public, attempted to entrap me. Attempted to get me to post something that would get taken down. 
 * There is a campaign to "blame the victim", that MacEwan Administration is not stopping (or actively involved with).

Administrative tyranny still reigns at MacEwan. Nothing has changed in over a decade. Maintaining the status quo only continues to hurt innocent people. MacEwan Administration continues to fail students, staff, and faculty, and fail society. 

To summarize, discloses that MacEwan Administration and MacEwan Human Resources
 * conspired against me
 * ignored policies and processes to their advantage, to speed up my termination, and to prevent appeals
 * conducted abusive and oppressive meetings
 * summarily dismissed my legitimate concerns
 * stripped me of earned vacation
 * ignored their own legal advice
 * suppressed unfavorable case law from an investigative committee
 * subverted and biased committees
 * forced others to act against me
 * targeted administrators whose actions against me failed
 * knowingly and purposely Psychological Abused an employee
 * and much more ...

Studies show that Psychological Abuse does equal or greater damage than sexual abuse. I am aware of two other people who were similarly Psychologically Abused and countless people who were summarily terminated for inadvertently offending Administration while doing their job.

What triggered this action against me? The answer is uncertain. One possibility is that it is retaliation for something I did as the VP Professional Affairs of the MacEwan Faculty Association: I discovered and informed faculty that Administration had submitted policies to the BOG for approval under false pretenses. They were submitted as "changes to the signing authority", whereas they were actually substantially modified -- modified to benefit Administration. Other factors are presented at is damning of MacEwan. I know this. You know this. Because of this, I only informed a few people about the website, hoping to spur change. (Less than 20 MacEwan employees were informed.) This was a mistake. I now realize that the only way of effecting positive change at MacEwan is by informing the public and the global academic community. Only from this will positive change will occur, but MacEwan will never fully recover. And will be a permanent reminder to anyone considering MacEwan for their studies or for employment.

I will wait until after the Board of Governors meeting, but I don't have high expectations. FYI: all of my requests for action are at

... Hope Springs Eternal ...