Message to MacEwan employees ...

An attempt was made to send the following message to several MacEwan employees on 18 March 2016. However, MacEwan had already blocked the email address in an apparent attempt to keep its employees ignorant to the actions of and problems within MacEwan Administrations. None of the emails were delivered. Tests were conducted to verify and confirm the extent of the block. The email was resent on 31 March, but I suspect that MacEwan intercepted and deleted most of these too. Simply, MacEwan Administration is not interested in dealing with the problems with in Administration, but in preventing MacEwan employees from learning about them. Short sighted and self-serving, but not unexpected. Sadly.

Psychological Violence occurs in all workplaces, including academia.

Wendy Gaucher-Bigcharles and the Alberta Bullying Research, Resource, & Recovery Center ( are asking people to circulate and sign a petition to add Psychological Violence to Alberta's OHS legislation.

• Petition Letter to end workplace Psychological Violence
• Petition to end workplace Psychological Violence

This petition dovetails with the "long overdue comprehensive review of Alberta's WCB".

Your action today may save yourself, family members, and/or friends from Psychological Violence.

MacEwan employees may be interested in this link.

MacEwan Administration is a failure to MacEwan students, staff, faculty, and society. They are intent on self-preservation in the face of overwhelming evidence of administrator wrongdoing and appear willing to sacrifice MacEwan to achieve this.