Administration lies

Statements made by MacEwan Administrators when asked about

LIE: "The information on is wrong/inaccurate/not truthful."

TRUTH: The information on is accurate and truthful. If it wasn't, MacEwan would have sued to have it removed and the website shutdown. MacEwan Administration may not like the information on They may be embarassed by the information on The information may expose a dysfunctional and corrupt Adminstration. But the information is completely truthful.

LIE: "We tried to contact, but he refuses to respond."

TRUTH: The last contact I had from MacEwan Administration and the MacEwan Faculty Association was in late 2014, when they both had their lawyers send letters threatening to sue me if I went public with how I was treated/mistreated by Administration and the Faculty Association. Very similar letters sent three days apart. Clear evidence that Administration and the FA are working together against me and against all MacEwan faculty.