Mike Duffy acquitted. Harper's PMO blasted for abuse ...

Mike Duffy was aquitted of all 31 charges related to the Senate abuse scandal.

Judge clears Duffy of all charges (CBC)

Judge clears Duffy of all charges (CTV)

The judge had harsh criticism for the Steven Harper and the Prime Minister's Office (PMO). 

The political, covert, relentless unfolding of events is mind-boggling and shocking. The precision and planning of the exercise would make any military commander proud. But in the context of a democratic society, the plotting that's revealed in the emails can only be described as unacceptable.

The Harper Conservatives will be remembered as one of the most controlling, abusive, and manipulative governments of all time. MacEwan Administration operates much like the Harper PMO. They use psychological abuse tactics to control junior administrators, control the Faculty Association Executive, and to abuse anyone who dares question administration. Academic Freedom does not exist at MacEwan; I doubt it ever did. The first puppeteer was Janet Paterson-Weir. Now it is David Atkinson. The largest failures — because they had the potential to prevent abuses, but didn't — are Jerry Zdril, Aimee Skye, and the Faculty Association Executive.

One independent assessment found that PrairieU.ca was a case study of academic mobbing, presented in a calm, reasoned, and balanced way. I look forward to additional independent assessments. Hopefully ones with teeth that can effect positive change at MacEwan.